Sightseeing Around 30A

30A Electric ScootersNo longer do you have to rely on cars and trucks to get you where you want to go. Smart mobility for the modern world includes scooter rentals at HUG Scooters. They will help you to become a part of the new wave that is aiming for a cleaner, healthier planet.

What better place to do this than in the 30A area of Florida. This scenic highway is a beach road in South Walton County. Home to what is known as the Emerald Coast, this beautiful highway stretches for miles right beside emerald green waters and glistening white sand beaches. Here you will find not only protected state forests and nature at its best, but there are gorgeous little beach communities too.

Rosemary Beach and Seaside are great examples. Traveling along 30A, just west of Panama City, you will also encounter stunning little towns like Grayton Beach and Watercolor. Perfect places to lose the car, pick up a power scooter rental and go.

Aside from relaxing on the white sand beaches, 30A and its communities offer you attractions, tours, and many things to do, including inshore fishing with a guide, fine dining and dancing aboard your very own yacht, morning yoga on the beach, kayak fishing journeys, backwater tours, scuba diving, airboat adventures, parasailing, or a visit to Marine Park. If you love to see things from above, helicopter tours can give you a view you will adore.

Explore the ins and outs of this special place with stand-up paddle boarding, or do what so many do while here, deep sea fish. Every 30A destination can be reached with the help of your electric scooter rental.

What better place than 30A in the beach towns of Seaside, Watercolor, or Rosemary Beach to be a part of the new wave of dockless scooters. Pristine beach towns such as these deserve to have their atmospheres preserved.  Our mission at HUG Scooters is to do just that. By reducing car traffic, and carbon emissions, we will be making these towns and communities the enduring, shining stars of Florida.

HUG Scooters is passionate about bringing a new mode of transportation to vibrant places. Look out for scooters and scooter sharing as great examples all along 30A.

Transform the Way You Get Around

With electric scooter sharing around 30A, you will be cutting down on the use of vehicles, and reducing the traffic and congestion that comes from them. Electric scooter rentals are environmentally friendly because they run on electric only. This means that you can help limit the amount of pollution by being one of the people riding along on a scooter.

When you use scooter sharing along 30A, there is greater availability for everyone. There is no need to create a new infrastructure. Scooters use what is already in place. They provide you with a great, new alternative way of getting where you want to go and it is easy. You do not even have to top off the tank with each trip.

One of the best things about power scooter rentals is that they eliminate searching for the perfect parking spot on the busy 30A roadway. You know how it is at the beach, everyone is there and there is not a parking spot to be had. Cars and trucks increase carbon emissions. While you are circling the block over and over, think of all the emissions coming from your car.

Parking spaces are reimagined and fitted to a better purpose when used by electric scooters. Just one parking spot can be home to ten dockless scooters. Dockless bikes and scooters can be parked here and used by the next person to come by.

How to Use a HUG Scooter

Electric Scooters in 30AFirst, make sure to bring along your safety helmet. To start your scooter, simply stand on it then push-off, push the throttle button with your thumb and go.

Both of your feet should be on the footboard and always start off slowly. Ease into the bike lanes. If there are none, stay as close to the right side of the road as possible. Never ride on sidewalks as it is mostly forbidden. To slow down or stop, just squeeze the brake with your left hand on the handlebar.

Parking a power scooter is easy. Do not block driveways or walkways, and do not park your scooter on dirt or inclines. Always ensure the kickstand is firmly down and the scooter is upright. If they are available, place your scooter in a bike rack. End your ride by tapping the button on your app. That is all there is to it! Electric scooter sharing is the future of transportation and is here to stay. It is a great way to visit, ride to work, or catch your next class. For cruising around town and seeing the sights, there is no better way to go. You are free to roam where you like.

Being able to access and ride a scooter on 30A will give you the independence that you need, and this independence no longer needs to be expensive, or involve having to invest in a car and somewhere to park it.

Just like Y Combinator, Lyft and Uber, electric scooters are a new way of thinking about getting around town, down roads like 30A, or across campus. They get you where you need to go, and can be stylish and fun. They are finding their way into many different communities, such as those found all along Highway 30A.

Be a person who connects to other people. HUG Scooters is a new way of bringing towns and cities together in good ways.

Here is to better urban living and keeping beach towns beautiful and clean, just as they should be. Clean energy and accessible transportation wait for you along 30A on an electric scooter rental. Be part of the movement and transform your world right where you live.