Our Core Values

  • Helping Us Grow (HUG) – We hope to inspire everyone to help each other grow in body, mind, and spirit.
  • Creating Infinity Moments – Technology shouldn’t separate us. We innovate to better connect each individual with the healing potential of nature and their original selves.
  • Sparking the Sharing Revolution – We give the opportunity for everyone to share resources and experiences with each other in a safe and delightful way.

About HUG Scooters

About HUG ScootersHUG Scooters is the #1 electric scooter and bike share app on the Emerald Coast. We are locally owned and operated.  Use HUG Scooters to commute to work, get to your next class, explore a new city with friends, or just see your own city from a fresh perspective.

With your easy to find HUG, you won’t have to worry about traffic, expensive carshare fees, pollution, or the requirement to find a mandatory parking station.

HUG Scooters is committed to helping our communities grow by creating opportunity and fresh perspectives on lifestyle and travel.

We provide easy access to the future of dockless micro mobility transportation solutions. Have an experience you’ve never had before and be prepared to see your own city and life in a different light.