Electric Scooter Solutions for Cities


We serve our communities first. Your priorities are ours. From electric scooters to smart bikes, our safe affordable dockless transport solutions decrease traffic congestion, create a healthy lifestyle, and provide sustainable transport, all without public funding. It’s completely free for your city!

Electric Scooters for Universities


Our University/college programs provide students with an affordable and sustainable transportation option, for on or off campus.  Students can also access bikes as a means of recreational pleasure to reduce the stresses of academic life.  We work closely with campus transportation authorities to design a tailored intelligent transportation service, offering flat-rate pricing to empower students to HUG every day. 

Electric Scooters for Hotels and Resorts


Amenity programs for vacation rentals, hotels, and resorts provide guests with an accessible option for transportation and recreation while traveling. Scooters are a great way for visitors to explore the landscape while advertising for your company!  Call us to get this amenity for your customers.

Electric Scooters for Corporations


Our Corporate Partners Program provides company employees with our GPS-enabled e-bikes and scooters as an employment perk. An affordable plan will empower your employees to use scooters or e-bikes for their daily commute and more. The exercise and time in nature increases productivity, decreased absenteeism, reduces compensation claims, reduces employee benefit costs, and creates greater overall employee satisfaction. Call us to HUG your employees.

Electric Scooters for Real Estate Developments


Electric scooter and bike programs for new real estate developments are on the rise. Creating a HUG parking space at your property can establish it as a center for transportation.  This empowers your tenants to get around faster, greener, and more affordably, while increasing your property value.  

Electric Scooters for Small Businesses


HUG’s electric scooters and bikes can increase your revenue by attracting customers to your establishment’s HUG parking location and offering coupon’s through our app!