Get Around Destin With Electric Scooters

Destin Electric ScootersHUG Scooters is looking to transform our community. With our scooter rentals in Destin, we are introducing a whole new way of living through transportation that will not only get you there but will also transform the city into a safer, more environmentally friendly place.

HUG Scooters, the place for Destin power scooter rentals, has a new way of looking at getting from point A to point B. We are working with various towns and cities to help create new transportation options that complement public transit systems already in place. Our mission is to bring about a revolution in thinking about transportation, with safety as our goal and benefits for everyone.

Thinking about traveling by car? There is a safer, more conducive way to transport yourself within the community. Our scooter rentals will help transform your way of thinking when it comes to getting from one place to another in Destin. There are advantages to getting around in this way, including:

  • Environmentally FriendlyHUG Scooters are powered by electricity. This means they automatically cut down on pollution, and help to improve the air quality in your town or city.
  • Ease Congestion– Our Destin electric scooters mean you are no longer driving a car, and traffic is reduced. In time, the congestion that you are used to could become a thing of the past.
  • Improved Availability– HUG Scooters already uses the existing infrastructure, so there is no need for anyone to create something new. Taking advantage of an electric scooter rental is a great alternative way to get around in areas in Destin, where transportation options are limited. Now your worries are over.

Parking Spaces Become Obsolete

You know how frustrating looking for a parking space can be. Not to mention the arguments you can get into when someone else takes “your space.” While you are circling the block over and over again, just think about the pollution that is being created by that combustible engine spewing its toxins into the air. Pollution does not begin and end with cars and SUVs, but they are certainly a problem.

With one traditional parking space, you can park ten scooters. Dockless scooters and bikes can be parked with ease almost anywhere in Destin. No more stress about squeezing into an already overcrowded street with your vehicle.

Safety First

Riding a HUG Scooters will be an awesome experience that you will want to repeat. It benefits not just you, but the community as well. With that thought, there are a few rules of the road to always keep in mind.

  • Where to RideYou always want to take care where pedestrians are concerned. Unless it is permitted, there is no riding your scooter on the sidewalk. It makes for a very dangerous situation and puts those who are freely walking in danger. Not to mention the presence of people’s pets. Be a good neighbor, love your community and all it has in it, and look out for each other. Always use the bike lanes. If there is no bike lane, stay as close to the right side of the road as possible.
  • Where to Park– It is important to park HUG Scooters out of the way of all traffic. Do not block driveways, access ramps, fire hydrants, or sidewalks. Driving an electric power scooter in Destin does not mean you can drop it and forget it. Please park close to the curb near the designated bike and scooter parking areas. You can also park near trees, or street signs. Ensure the kickstand is securely down and the scooter is upright. Do not park your scooter on dirt, hills, or anyplace which seems insecure.
  • Follow the Rules of the RoadNo one under the age of 18 can ride a HUG Scooters. Only one rider per scooter. Be sure to obey all traffic rules. Although you will be riding your scooter, please respect that people in cars and trucks are just getting from one place to another too, and always watch the crosswalks.
  • Use Caution– HUG Scooters encourages you to always wear a helmet. Riding with headphones is also unsafe, and you must not ride one of our scooter rentals if you have been drinking alcohol. Start off slowly and ease into traffic in your lane. Do not hog the road or sway all over, and always keep both hands on the handle.

How to Ride With HUG Scooters

Destin Scooter ShareIt is simple, find a HUG Scooters near you and unlock your ride. Be sure you have your helmet with you.

While standing on your HUG Scooters, push off, then push the throttle button with your thumb to ride. Put both your feet on the footboard and go. To slow down, just squeeze the brake on the handlebar.

Park your scooter where bike racks are available. Once you have parked, it is ready for someone else. That is the beauty of scooter sharing in Destin. Leave your scooter in the exact shape you found it in, treat it carefully.

Electric scooter sharing provides the Destin community with a new way of getting around. Whether you are going to work, looking to get to class, running errands, or just exploring the town, you can be independent and reduce congestion with our HUG Scooters.

HUG Scooters is a new concept and a new way of thinking about old methods of transportation. We are all about smart mobility for the modern world. We believe that wherever you live, you deserve smart and affordable ways to get around town.

What to Do in Destin Once You Park Your Scooter

Whether you are going fishing, out for a boat ride, or just want to check out all of the shops and bars along the boardwalk, Destin, Florida is one of the most popular tourist locations in the United States. There are opportunities for dolphin watching, parasailing, Segway tours, or just have a relaxing fun time out on Crab Island. Just remember to take your kids with you when you go.

If you feel like you might not have your sea legs under you, the Harborwalk is the place for you. There are stores and bars aplenty here, where you can grab a drink, some delicious food, and even see some live entertainment almost every day of the week. Also, just like every lovely water side area, there are a number of beaches that allow you to catch some sun, or have fun with your family.

With such a fun and well-traversed city so close by, HUG Scooters is proud to help serve the Destin community, and make it just a little safer and more environmentally friendly for its residents.