Travel Miramar Beach by Scooter

Miramar Beach Electric ScootersA beach community offers the perfect opportunity for finding your way around town in a unique way. Traffic can become a nightmare, especially as the weather warms and vacationers arrive to your little piece of paradise. So, instead of driving a car around town, why not get with the new, modern mobility called HUG Scooters? There is no better place to do this than in Miramar Beach with dockless scooters.

Scooter rentals get you where you need to go in Miramar Beach. Whether you are going to work, catching another class, meeting up with friends or just seeing the sights. With HUG Scooters, you are free to come and go as you please, and it is a good feeling to be out and about in your own unique way.

Just like other ride-sharing companies, HUG Scooters is the wave of the future. We have launched dockless mobility systems in towns and communities such as Miramar Beach, because they understand how useful these scooters can be. There is a transportation revolution coming and you can be in on the action.

The Beauty of Miramar Beach

Miramar Beach is a gem of a little town right on the Gulf of Mexico in South Walton County, FL. With the warming of the seasons, Miramar Beach gets filled with travelers and sightseers. It is no wonder, with its greenish blue waters and glistening white sand beaches, everyone wants to play here, and there are many things to do.

Why not start your fun with a banana boat ride pulled behind a high-speed Waverunner? Watch the dolphins frolic close up as you see how they live in their natural habitat. There are backwater tours you can book where you can observe the natural beauty of the area by cruising some of the beautiful rivers and springs that make up South Walton County.

Parasailing, golfing, biking, shopping, and dining are all just a short trip away. If you love crabbing or kayaking, there is that too. There are always fishing excursions to take, and you can go with a group or book your own private yacht. For all manner of outdoor activities, tours, sights, landmarks, nightlife, spas and wellness, food and drink, and more, you can get to all your destinations in Miramar Beach with an electric scooter rental.

HUG Scooters – Improving the Future of Transportation

By being a part of the Miramar Beach scooter sharing alternative, you can take a huge step towards making your community a cleaner, more functional place to live and work.

By providing new transportation options that complement existing public transit systems and infrastructure, power scooter rentals will get you around Miramar Beach just as any vehicle will. The difference is that with a scooter, you will not be using much fuel to as you go, and there will not be carbon emissions spewing from your vehicle. Dockless scooters mean less traffic too, so they are great for the environment and your community.

Transform the World Around You

If you do not think you can make a difference in a small way to make the planet a better place to live in, just take a look at what electric scooter sharing can do for you.

Ease CongestionJust like any beach community, Miramar Beach can get pretty crowded when the weather gets warmer. When using a power scooter, you will be cutting down on the amount of car traffic on the roads. Traffic will be greatly reduced.

Better for the EnvironmentOur Miramar Beach scooter rentals are powered by electricity, which greatly improves the air quality around you and makes for less pollution.

Greater Availability– Because scooter sharing uses existing infrastructure, you can easily navigate your way around town and use fewer transport options.

The Modern World is Calling

Miramar Beach Scooter ShareYou love where you live and work. This is the perfect opportunity to get on board with the new mode of modern mobility. At HUG Scooters, we believe every community deserves access to smart, affordable ways of getting around town.

Electric scooter sharing in Miramar Beach means scooters, bikes, and transit vehicles can now be more equitably shared by all. If you are on board with reducing your dependence on personal automobiles, then a scooter rental is definitely something you will want to look into. It is important to think about how you can leave this planet a healthier place to live for future generations.

Become a person that shows you care and join the movement by using electric scooter rentals. There is a new way to ride these days and you will want to get on board. Our transportation method is not only cutting edge, but it puts you in the center of accessible, urban and suburban ways of getting out and about.

How to Use a HUG Scooter

Find a scooter near you, our app will help you, and unlock the scooter.

Be sure to wear your helmet for safety. While standing on your HUG Scooter, push off, then push the throttle button on the handlebar, and be sure both feet are on the footboard.

Ease into traffic slowly and stay in the bike lanes. If there are no lanes, then you should stay as close to the right side of the street as possible.

Do not ride on sidewalks and be careful at intersections. Observe all bike laws. Squeeze the brake on the handlebar to slow or stop. Once you get where you are going, park your dockless scooter away from driveways or walkways. Use a bike rack if possible.

End your ride by tapping your app, and that is it. You are now free to roam wherever you want.

Miramar Beach has so much to offer. You can get to all of it on your power scooter rental. Get to your destinations, just as you would in a vehicle, but on a HUG Scooter rental instead. It is so much more fun! Explore our website, and congratulate yourself on taking the next step toward better transportation for you and your community.