Visiting Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach is one of Florida’s most iconic locations. It is a must-see location for any serious beach goer. This is one of the reasons that millions of Americans visit the city every year. Navarre Beach has it all.

You will find clear blue waters, sandy beaches, and every type of water attraction that one can imagine. Even better, the surrounding area offers variety and history to suit all tastes.

Picturesque Navarre Beach

Navarre Beach Electric ScootersAside from sandy beaches, great weather, and clear blue seas and skies, Navarre Beach offers its visitors one of America’s best-known water sports locations. You can water ski, surf, and powerboat in Navarre Beach, but that is not all.

Navarre Beach is one of the best places to shop in the area, offering a great variety at affordable prices. Restaurants in the area are reputed to offer some of the best dining experiences in the continental US. If you are into aviation, nearby Pensacola is the home of the Blue Angels, America’s naval aerobatics team, and home to the Naval and air force museums, where you can take a look at America’s naval history and get a feel for the past.

If nature is your thing, you are only a few miles away from Blackwater River State Park. Here you can enjoy Florida’s stunning natural beauty as well as many outdoor activities such as zip-lining and canoeing.

Fishing aficionados will have no trouble indulging their vocation. Navarre Beach is a launching pad for many fishing expeditions, with trophy catches all but guaranteed in its rich waters. If, however, you would rather get a close-up of the local fish, you can always stroll into the Gulfarium, which offers an extensive display of local sea life, as well as dolphin shows, that will take your breath away.

For the little ones, there is always a great deal to do in Navarre Beach. You can take them to Big Kahuna’s for a spot of water sliding, or feed the animals in the Gulf Breeze Zoo.

Explore Navarre Beach by Scooter

Navarre Beach Scooter ShareThe popularity and beauty of Navarre Beach means that millions of tourists and locals regularly drive around town, all but ensuring regular traffic jams and the annoyances they bring with them: endless noise, time wasted, and a lungful of noxious gases while you wait. There is nothing quite like traffic to hit the pause button on your vacation.

Scooters offer a great deal of convenience compared to driving a car under such conditions. Their very size makes them extremely easy to use. You do not need to be an expert driver to use a scooter, the machine offers very basic controls: Accelerate, Brake, and Steering.

Scooters can be very fast. They can offer car-like performance without the bulk and inconvenience that cars bring with them. They are also extremely cost-effective. Scooters are amazing when it comes to miles per gallon. Ten bucks might be enough to get you around for a couple of days without having to refuel.

Let us also not forget that scooters are fun! There is no better way to visit and see Florida than on a scooter. You get the freedom to drive where you want, when you want, and with the sun warming your face while the sea breeze cools you. Scooters are the most reliable and comfortable mode of transport you can find.

HUG Scooters – Florida’s Foremost Scooter Rentals

HUG Scooters should be your first port of call when arriving to Navarre Beach and the surrounding area. We have an extensive selection of scooters catering to every taste and driving experience.

What we offer is a flexible and comprehensive approach to scooter rental that adapts itself for your particular needs. If you plan for an extensive visit, and you wish to explore Navarre Beach and its surroundings, we have power scooter rentals that will provide you with the speed, mobility, and mileage necessary to make your trip a resounding success.

We have also electric scooters rentals to traverse Navarre Beach as well. They are fast, reliable and noiseless, allowing you to enjoy your drive without the engine noise driving you crazy, and help save the planet to boot.

For people who value their independence and do not want to get tied up to a full-time rental for their Navarre Beach trip, we can offer electric scooter sharing. By downloading our app, we can provide locations for present scooters. You only need to flash the QR code and you are set. You can drive around as much as you like. After reaching your destination, or if you just decide you have had enough and it is time for your feet to take over, you can leave the scooter and move on.

Make the Most of Your Trip to Navarre Beach

We not only provide the scooters for having fun in Navarre Beach, but we make it easy for you to leave them safely and securely when you have finished with scooter sharing. Our scooters are well-maintained and regularly checked for any mechanical issues, ensuring that you will always drive with a beautiful and brand new looking scooter at all times. Our scooters are fast, reliable and economical, avoiding any such issues as accidental breakdowns and extra fuel costs due to badly entertained scooters.

We offer simplicity, reliability and clarity. Our app will ensure that you are always just a click away from transportation. Our rates are competitive and we are flexible. You decide what you want and you can change your mind in an instant.

We also offer the security that comes from working with a professional team. If any issues do arise with one of our rentals, our service desk will rise to the occasion and provide immediate aid wherever you find yourself. We are there to make sure your vacation is as pleasurable and stress-free as possible.

Look no further for your transportation solutions in Navarre Beach. Give us a call and let us help you make your visit to Florida a vacation fit for the ages.